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Meet Gabriel Williams


Gabriel is an energetic, imaginative, and intelligent young man, that loves drawing, and creating characters and new worlds.

He came to his dad, Gamal Williams, asking for a new book to read. Unimpressed by the selection they found, Gamal began writing "JUMP" just for him. Soon, Gabriel joined in and helped develop the rich, fantasy world of JUMP.

Now, Gabriel and his dad write new adventures for Franklin, Brooklyn, and the rest of the JUMP family, as they write the next chapter in the JUMP series, "JUMP: Trial of Secrets."

"I like to draw and make up characters, and then I can't wait to tell my dad all about them."

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When a tragic accident takes someone he loves, Franklin discovers he has the power to change it. Franklin, and his sister, Brooklyn, embark on an epic journey that takes them through time and space Franklin's newfound powers and abilities doesn't go unnoticed, however. A sinister organization, known only as The Company, wants Franklin and his powers, and will stop at nothing to get him! JUMP, the new book by Gamal Williams, author of "Fin: A Story of Love and Hope ...and making his writing debut, his son, 13 year old Gabriel Williams.

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