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Rated 5       On Amazon

Rated 4.9 On GoodReads

Rated 5       On Barnes and Noble


The groundbreaking debut novel from Gamal Williams tells the gripping tale of three young boys who form an unlikely friendship and soon discover that despite their differences, they had more in common than they realized. When 14-year-old Fin meets Stacks and Justin, he never thought their union would be bonded in love, friendship, joy, and pain. When an unexpected tragedy occurs, the young men's bond is put to the test. A test of friendship, loyalty, family, and love. For one of them, their choices would shape his life, mold him into the man he had to become, and pushes him to the edge of death itself.

Heralded as "evocative," "thought-provoking," "heart-warming," and "gut-wrenching," Fin never allows a moment to catch your breath. You'll think you know everything, then Fin spins you in a direction you never saw coming.


a story of love and hope


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